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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

USS Spiegel Grove Episode 2

The pacha of Key Largo is coming back.
March 2003 we had shared with a a superb dive on the Spiegel Grove (Octopus N 41). After two years we wanted to come back and on this 500-foot long wreck sunken in 2002 between 50 to 130 feet in the warm waters of the keys.
May 17 2002, USS Spiegel Grove” ship from the USN was sunken as an artificial reef and was becoming a site opened to the world divers community....

2006, Feb-Mar - Octopus

Would you like to dive in Florida? Call Georges!

2004, Oct-Nov - Plongee Magazine

NSS/CDS Workshop

2003, Apr - Octopus

USS Spiegel Grove

2003, Feb - Octopus

Have a long life Princess!

Have a long life Princess!
It is a general excitation in one of the splendid marina in the heart of Miami. Scuba divers equipped with double tanks filled with Nitrox mixes are preparing to salute the beautiful “princess Britney” for a last trip to the bottom of the ocean where she will begin a new life.
Today we are sinking this beautiful Haitian Cargo. It is 9h am when we are leaving the dock. Robert briefed about the procedures and gave some safety guideline for this non-common dive. We are here between friends, lucky, this is not everyday that we sink a 200foot boat.

2003, Aug-Sep - Octopus

Azimuth in Miami

The Azimuth in Miami
Miami August 2002, I am driving nicely on the expressway. The purred of the V8 and the moisture in the air helps to dream. Traveling inside a “guerilla patchanka”, I imagine the training and survival skills in the Amazonian jungle were about. I am thinking about my notes about the biography regarding the man I have a meeting with this evening, “MO”
Mauricio Defendi, former member of the Brazilian Special Forces is one of the main actors about the CCR and SCR Rebreather manufactured by OMG. He is the author of the IANTD Standards with Tom Mount for the same Rebreathers. The Italian Navy used them for years. Now they are on the American market, nicer, safer, and accessible for everyone and for the fun to the US divers. Smart teaching programs have been created for the non-divers to enjoy rebreather diving.......

2002, Oct - Octopus

Mental and Diving & Telford spring clean-up

2002, Jun - Octopus

Mental Training & John Orlowski interview

2002, Jan-Feb - Octopus

Mental and Diving

2001, Nov-Dec - Octopus

George's mixes

2000, May-Jun Oceans

Nitrox In Marseille

Nitrox in Marseille
Mid-November. Water is getting colder but scuba diving is always in orbit with their professionals. From November 6th through 10th 2001, Jean-Pierre Imbert, IANTD mixed gas trainer for IANTD France was doing some training in the Marseille shores for instructor candidates.
The diving team made of people from Beuchat and the manager of the dive center in Roussay who is coming to Nitrox. Atelier de La Mer based in Pointe Rouge in Marseille provided the facility for the event, and Georges Gawinowski of Station Tek was in charge of the dive safety of the group. The agenda every day: dive in the morning, theory in the afternoon, gas mixing preparation in the evening. A complete training that allows the students to get familiar with the use of Nitrox for decompression.
The plus, the students who succeeded were certified gas blender specialists. Per Jean-Pierre Imbert, “it is important for an instructor to know how to blend mixes, because the Know-How comes for the professionals and is not available among the recreational divers. This class teaches how to handle oxygen and how to use a Nitrox gas blending facility, regulator and tanks maintenance…
The last day of training the weather was firing its warm rays of summer sun as Jean-Pierre and his class were exploring the wall of Caramassaigne at 170 feet deep, little treet: a Normoxic Trimix dive with a pinch of Helium.

2001, Jan-Feb - Oceans (2)

Project Aware Clean Up.

2000, May - Invitation Beach Clean Up

Gas Mixes Station Apr/May 2000

Recently created in Marseille by Georges Gawinowski, with the support of Air Kompression, Station Tek is The new Place for gas blending. His passion for technical diving and his numerous qualifications make Georges Gawinowski a solid experienced person, expertise partly got while in Mexico and in Miami. He offers initiations to Nitrox diving and have his students discover all the possibilities of this type of diving. The confirmed tekkies can perfect or refine their techniques on the various wrecks and sea caves in the Marseille bay.
Station Tek
Information: 06-10-24-51-94
Text and photo Frank Lucien/Oceano

2000, Apr-May - Plongee Magazine