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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nitrox In Marseille

Nitrox in Marseille
Mid-November. Water is getting colder but scuba diving is always in orbit with their professionals. From November 6th through 10th 2001, Jean-Pierre Imbert, IANTD mixed gas trainer for IANTD France was doing some training in the Marseille shores for instructor candidates.
The diving team made of people from Beuchat and the manager of the dive center in Roussay who is coming to Nitrox. Atelier de La Mer based in Pointe Rouge in Marseille provided the facility for the event, and Georges Gawinowski of Station Tek was in charge of the dive safety of the group. The agenda every day: dive in the morning, theory in the afternoon, gas mixing preparation in the evening. A complete training that allows the students to get familiar with the use of Nitrox for decompression.
The plus, the students who succeeded were certified gas blender specialists. Per Jean-Pierre Imbert, “it is important for an instructor to know how to blend mixes, because the Know-How comes for the professionals and is not available among the recreational divers. This class teaches how to handle oxygen and how to use a Nitrox gas blending facility, regulator and tanks maintenance…
The last day of training the weather was firing its warm rays of summer sun as Jean-Pierre and his class were exploring the wall of Caramassaigne at 170 feet deep, little treet: a Normoxic Trimix dive with a pinch of Helium.

2001, Jan-Feb - Oceans (2)

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