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Georges Gawinowski

Georges Gawinowski

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Azimuth in Miami

The Azimuth in Miami
Miami August 2002, I am driving nicely on the expressway. The purred of the V8 and the moisture in the air helps to dream. Traveling inside a “guerilla patchanka”, I imagine the training and survival skills in the Amazonian jungle were about. I am thinking about my notes about the biography regarding the man I have a meeting with this evening, “MO”
Mauricio Defendi, former member of the Brazilian Special Forces is one of the main actors about the CCR and SCR Rebreather manufactured by OMG. He is the author of the IANTD Standards with Tom Mount for the same Rebreathers. The Italian Navy used them for years. Now they are on the American market, nicer, safer, and accessible for everyone and for the fun to the US divers. Smart teaching programs have been created for the non-divers to enjoy rebreather diving.......

2002, Oct - Octopus

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